To me, this weekend of massive sales and discounts is really an opportunity to serve you better.

As the owner of a spiritually based business, my goal is to show up everyday in a way that will bless and enrich the lives of my clients. I know that saving money feels good to you, and so, offering these amazing deals during the ‘weekend of sales’ feels like a great way to show up and serve you in an even bigger way!


I would love for you to take a few moments to detach yourself from the ‘oh what a great deal’ money saving mentality and tap into your intuition before you look at my special discounted offerings.

Take a few minutes now to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and tune into your body while listening to this guided meditation (my gift to you).

Then open your eyes and see which of my offers your inner guide is telling you is right for you!



This collection of beautiful and original guided meditation and prayers is the perfect compliment to your daily practice of tuning in.

reg price $15.55

buy now $10.00


Elevate: A Guide to Rising Up is all about using the law of attraction to fine tune your energy to all that you wish to have, do, or be!


Five Sutras: To Weather and Storm teaches 5 spiritual principles to help you get through any tough time you may be facing; be it a divorce, stress or anxiety, depression, or the loss of a loved one, this course will help to bring you peace and ultimately happiness while gracefully navigating through your storm.


One on One Coaching


My one on one coaching style is unique and intuitively personalized for your needs.

I teach principles from A Course and Miracles along with The Law of Attraction to help you to fine tune your energy back to Love, which has the power to create anything you desire.


1 One on One Intuitive Clarity Session (50 minutes)

reg price $319.44

buy now $145

Three One on One Coaching Sessions Bundle (50 minutes each)

reg price $958.33

buy now $310

10% OFF Six Month Coaching Package

(Beginning January 2019, 3 Fifty Minute calls per month)

reg price $5,750.00 or $958.33 monthly

buy now $5,175 or $862.50 monthly

25% OFF Twelve Month Coaching Package

(Beginning January 2019, 3 Fifty Minute calls per month)

reg price $11,500 or $958.00 monthly

buy now $8,625 or $718.75 monthly


If you have questions about anything please feel free to email!

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