The Ascension 1 on 1 Mentoring Experience is the highest level of working with me. This year long coaching program offers the ultimate experience of shadowing the footsteps I took to create a full-time coaching career, create and sell digital content, and host live events and trainings.

Whether you’re a teacher or coach, or wanting to up-level in your own field, the process for success is the same across the board. This program will not only heal your trauma inflicted and wounded self-worth, but give you a road map for monetizing your passion and teach you how to truly create an impact with your life.

Throughout the program you will have bi-weekly 1 on 1 coaching calls with me (via Zoom), access to all of my digital content and group coaching programs, a private voxer message that you can use to communicate with me all day - every day, discounts to live events, and four IN PERSON meetings with me!


*Hotel expenses are covered in the cost of the program! Client responsible for airfare.


COME TO ME (2 days)

In our first in person meet up, we get you energetically prepared for the amazing year of mentorship ahead.

You’ll have energy healing, a reading with my favorite medium, a session to connect you with your ancestors and guides, deep dive into self-worth recovery, carving out a road map for your desires, creating a personal mantra for your spiritual practice, and a 1-on-1 intensive law of attraction workshop with me.

I COME TO YOU (1 day)

Our second in person meet up.


During this incredible day we will begin by getting uber clear on your core message. Together, we will inspect your website, social medias, and all areas of branding to assure that everything is clear and aligned with your message and desires. Next, we will outline some content together. Whether a workshop, digital course, coaching program, etc. When I leave, you’re going to feel really confident about your next steps toward creating an offer and beginning to monetize your message.

This day ends with an energetic reset of your work space and a 1-on-1 Emotion/Body Code session with emotion code practitioner and healer Rebecca Packard.



Our third in person meeting will be a trip together! (List of US cities will be provided for you to choose from!)

The first day we will explore how you are showing up in the world. Does your persona match your practice? We will embark on a deep dive into healing your old traumas through the practice of EFT, Kundalini Yoga, and meditation.

On our second day we will go on an outing together!

BACK TO ME (2 days)


Our year long journey together will culminate with you joining me once again in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains I call home. We will again have an energy healing session, along with a reading with our fabulous medium.

I will train you on law of attraction vibrational tuning and we will have a super special ceremonial right of passage and a sacred steward induction and oath to service.


Our second day will be a fun filled shopping adventure with me and my amazing hubby-stylist, Adam Podsednik, as he helps give you an “On Brand Mini-Makeover” !

This final in person meeting is all about stepping fully into the light leader that you’re meant to be.

**The ASCENSION Mentoring Program is a high level, all access program designed for people who are serious about making an impact and an investment in a massive up-leveling in their lives and careers. **

For information on pricing and payment plans please email using the form below.

I look forward to working with you to make your dreams become your reality.

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