a comprehensive coaching approach; 

the ultimate success AND HAPPINESS package. 



In this 4 month period you'll have an all access pass to my formula for re-defining your  personal and professional life. 

Follow my lead as I coach you in the "4 R'S"



  • REMEMBER - INDIVIDUALIZED blueprint for re-connecting you to the 'inner child' energy/ enthusiasm for life.  Remembering who you came forth to be; Remembering who you were before the 'limiting beliefs' set in. Creating a formula to energetically align with the pure essence of your true and highest self. 

  • Release - deep dive into uncovering and uprooting your limiting beliefs and finding relief through releasing them. i hold your hand as you discover the best tools for you to use on your own unique path to healing. 

  • reboot - an energetic restart.  Replacing the limiting beliefs with custom crafted empowering beliefs. 

  • reclaim - redefining your life.  Designed by you; this last phase is all about moving forward in aligned action. What does goal setting look like when it's fueled by pure passion and belief in oneself? This is the most unique step in re-defining your life as we work together to customize an action plan to move you toward your ultimate desires. 




"Val is amazing. Don’t think twice about hiring him. He is worth every penny and more. The best decision I have made in my professional life...


Before working with Val, I was feeling completely overwhelmed with how to start my spiritual business. I felt completely computer illiterate. I didn’t know how to host a conference call or a video conference, or make a web page or a sales page, or how to take payments online or ANY of it!  And then there were the challenges of actually promoting anything. I was so nervous to show myself and my work to the world. I didn’t have faith that my message was going to come across properly. Heck, I didn’t even know what my message was!

After working with Val I feel confident; Confident in my business, confident in my technical abilities, confident in my coaching ability, confident in my spiritual practice, confident in my future, confident in my ability to help others, and confident in my worth as a person and as a coach. I now have a website, I can send out group emails, I can make graphics, I can manage my website and create content, I have overcome my fear of being on social media, I have successfully run a workshop that is changing other peoples’ lives, I have multiple one on one clients and am planning my first retreat! And none of this scares me! I am right on track! All in less than TWO months! Val is a game changer."



“Val is truly one of a kind. His approach to coaching and healing is    unique, dynamic, loving and powerful. He brings love and joy in all that he does. His energy is magnetic and your vibration elevates just being in his presence. Anyone who has the chance to be guided by Val’s work will truly be blessed. Not only will you grow and evolve, but you’ll have so much fun on the journey. I am so blessed with his presence in my life.”


"A few years ago, I experienced some difficult situations. First my 18-year-old son dove into shallow water which resulted in quadriplegia. As soon as we returned from rehab, I lost a close friendship. It was a sudden, unexplained separation that took a hard toll on me. A couple months later my 17-year-old daughter was diagnosed with WPW and had to undergo a heart ablation. During this year of trials, I miraculously stayed positive, centered and optimistic. But what I realize now, is that I never took the time to heal from these battles. I made it through victorious but still a little beat up. Val has helped me see the value in self-care which has made an enormous impact on my restoration." 




"Working with Val is a game changer! 

He has the ability to inspire you to not only discover your limitations, but rise above them and step into your highest potential."




  • one hour welcoming call (via phone or zoom)

  • sixteen, fifty minute 1:1 coaching calls (Via phone or zoom)

  • recordings of all coaching sessions 

  • "Happiness hunting- a thirty day practice" my ebook which will serve as a supplement to the work we are doing together. 

  • backstage pass to all of my digital content including three digital courses (Elevate; a guide to rising up, Five Sutras to weather any storm, and In-Joying the Holidays) to be used as self study courses - life time access. 

  • unlimited email support with me

Are you feeling the tug to work with me ? There's a reason for that.

You've been wanting to re-claim your life because you know, deep down, you are worthy of happiness and success. 

This is your invitation from the Universe to draw a line in the sand and get serious about making your happiness a priority. When you take action and show up for yourself, you cause an energetic shift in the tapestry of your life.

I'm here to encourage you and give you tools to be the best "YOU" you can be...let's do it! 

Please take the time to fill out the 'one on one application' linked below and then let's set up a time to talk!



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