Immersive Workshop Experience

  • Do you view yourself as good or bad based on what you eat?

  • Do you view food as ‘the enemy’?

  • Do you obsess over the number on the scale? Or judge and criticize parts of your body?

  • Do you feel like when you finally reach ‘that weight’ or have ‘the desired body’ you’ll be happy?  

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, you are in the RIGHT place!


What if there were a place you could immerse yourself in healing; healing your relationships with food and with your body, for three days?


November 15th - 17th, 2019


Join Registered Dietician, Shannon Buescher and Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach, Val White for a three day Immersive Workshop Experience in the beautiful and tranquil setting of The Center in St Louis.

This retreat style gathering will promote healing and wholeness as you:

  • Learn the principles of Intuitive Eating

  • Learn the importance of permission when it comes to your relationship with food.

  • Learn how you may be following dieting rules, without even realizing it.

  • Learn what can contribute to emotional eating.

  • Gain spiritual tools to self soothe and substitute self-sabotaging behaviors.

  • Leave feeling more connected to your body.

  • LOVE your body more!

  • Start to HEAL your relationship with food.

We will show you how implementing spiritual tools can help you to tune into your body more intimately and take your intuitive eating practice to new heights! In our three days together we will be exploring:

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Journaling/Free Writing

  • Art Therapy

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique - also known as Tapping)

  • Reiki


We will also be celebrating our time together by partaking of a holiday themed meal with one another. The holiday season is synonymous with spreads of food wherever we go! By eating together in the safe container that we are creating in our immersive experience, we will show you how to diminish the charge of fear around food as you approach the holiday season!


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A Note from Shannon

How many years of your life spent struggling with dieting or with your weight have made you fear food? You begin to fear food SO much that you ascribe a power to it. It starts to ‘call your name’ or seems to become impossible to resist. So you ban it, keep it out of the house and avoid ‘those foods’ at all costs!

It is hard, with the diet culture that we live in, not to feel a sense of morality with what we eat. Foods are labeled to be guilt-filled or guilt-less, good or bad, so we take those labels on ourselves. You are ‘good’ if you are following the diet and eating the ‘good’ foods and ‘bad’ if you are off the diet and are eating the foods labeled to be ‘bad’ or have eaten too much of them. 

Where that number sits on the scale can make or break your day. It will either give you permission to eat, or make you restrict and punish your body for the day. The measure of ‘success’ is only seen when those parts of your body that you judge begin shrinking and the number on the scale begins to drop.


But what if you could feel that your sense of self worth wasn’t dictated by the number on the scale or the size of your clothes? What if you could appreciate your body for all that it does for you. What if you felt a strong sense of relationship with your body, so that you could intuitively know what your body needs instead of only eating what the macro count says is okay to have?

My passion is to help you see that all the answers to honor and care for your body lie within you. You can fuel, feed, and nourish yourself in all the ways you need with the only expert of your body - YOU!


A Note from Val

I believe that the root of all human limitation is the diminished self-worth, and that our true power comes from embracing a path of self-worth recovery. I believe that we can have, or do, or be whatever we want in life if we are truly dedicated to healing our self-worth.

For far too long in my life my sense of self-worth was controlled by my distorted body image. I grew up with scoliosis and the constant comparison of my body with other ‘normal’ bodies made me feel ‘less-than’ and never ‘good enough’. I was consumed with thoughts about how abnormal I was. I was obsessive with diet…because I thought if I gained too much weight my ‘deformity’ would be more obvious to everyone. This was a path of severe self-loathing.


When I started to realize the magnificence of what my body actually is..the ways in which it serves me daily, and the glorious way that is houses my spirit…I began to shift my belief systems in a way that supported self-love, gratitude, and ultimately true happiness.

It is my wish to help you to restore your sense of self-worth with spiritual practices and tools. Once you start to honor yourself again, you will beautifully integrate the intuitive eating principles that can heal your relationships with food and your body!



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