As we head into the holiday season there is no better time to start getting clear and focused on the life you want and the person you want to show up in this world as.

Join Val White and Rebecca Packard for a night of 1:1 hot seat coaching and moon focused Emotion Code release helps you to grow and support yourself during each phase of the moon.

As the seasons shift and we move through the year Val and Rebecca offer support to make the transitions as easy and effortless as possible! Let’s just say this isn’t your typical moon gathering.

What does the night look like?
•Opening meditation by Val White
•We talk about the moon phase and how it is showing up for us in our life.
•Val leads a channeled guided meditation 
•Followed by 1:1 hot seat coaching and Moon Focused Emotion Code Release 
•Close out the night with a meditation and intention for moving forward. 

*Space is limited so reserve your spot as they sell out quickly 


Can’t make it live? You can reserve your spot for a FULL DISTANCE RELEASE and receive a recording of all mediations and records of what you’ve released personally by full distance body/emotion code!


Have questions? Feel free to ask me!

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