Val White is a mindset coach who helps people to live a life that feels aligned with their life's purpose.




Did you know that you're meant to live a joyful and miraculous life?

Did you know that the dreams you have for your life are actually an invitation from the Universe?



When I learned that the dreams, goals, and aspirations that we have are actually a calling to step into our purpose, and the reason we have these desires and visions for ourselves is because we are supposed to...

I developed a way of living, a practice, that changed my perception about everything.


I wake up every morning, excited to rip back the covers of my bed, jump up, and begin my day.

I enjoy life instead of trying to escape from it. Instead of being consumed by stress, I view each day as an opportunity to create my own happiness. 

I expect each day to be better than the one before, and you know what? IT USUALLY IS

but my life wasn’t always this way…


I once was so unhappy that the only thing I could think to do was get drunk everyday to avoid how bad I felt.  

I had lost my Mom, Dad, and all of my Grandparents within a five year period and I was severely depressed. 

I felt like a total failure and like people took me as a joke. Nothing was easy and everything was hard.

One night I woke up in a hospital bed; convinced I was dying from liver damage (I'm happy to say it was only kidney stones!) and I decided right then and there that I was determined to find another way to live...

A way to be happy.


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