Elevate: a guide to rising up


This course is designed to help you rise up in any or all areas of your life.

Whether you're looking to up-level your job, start a new business, work on your relationships, or deepen your spiritual practice, the steps and tools we use to manifest our desires are the same. 

After taking this course you will be able to fine tune and ELEVATE your frequency to begin manifesting anything you desire. 


How it works...

  • This course is held completely online!

  • This course consists of 3 video modules which will be sent to you instantly upon enrollment.  

  • All of the video modules have been pre-recorded for you.

  • You will gain access to the private Facebook group ELEVATE when you enroll. 

  • The course is designed for you to go at your own pace.

  • You will have unlimited replay. 

  • You own the course material forever! 

  • You have access to me for Q & A.


What else is included...

  • Each video module comes with specific Soulwork (homework) pertaining to the teaching in that module. 

  • Each module comes with affirmations and meditations.


Do you have a strong desire to make a change in any area or areas of your life? Do you feel like something is holding you back from living fully in your desires, dreams, passion, or purpose? 

Now is the time to step into the fullness of your desires, to follow your bliss, and to create the life you've been dreaming of...



“Val is truly one of a kind. His approach to coaching and healing is unique, dynamic, loving and powerful. He brings love and joy in all that he does. His energy is magnetic and your vibration elevates just being in his presence. Anyone who has the chance to be guided by Val’s work will truly be blessed. Not only will you grow and evolve, but you’ll have so much fun on the journey. I am so blessed with his presence in my life.”

Andee Love

Spiritual Success Coach. Self-Love Guru. Intuitive.


Dear Soul Sibling,  

I am Val, the creator of this course, and I am beyond thrilled to have you join me in this program! 

Over the last five years I've undergone a radical journey from a very dark place in my life, riddled with fear based limiting beliefs, to a life filled with happiness, freedom, peace, and abundance; a life fueled by love. 

In that time I created a successful business as a Spiritual Life Coach and throughout the evolution of my teaching journey became more and more passionate about teaching the spiritual truths that took me down my own journey from darkness into light. 

This course was created based on the same steps that I took to overcome my fears, addictions, and self-destructive behaviors to rise up fully into my desires, passion, and purpose. 

I am absolutely living proof that when you do the work to align with the Source of your desires and follow your bliss the universe will conspire to create a life, for you, beyond your wildest dreams. 




"Before working with Val, I was feeling completely overwhelmed with how to start my spiritual business. I felt completely computer illiterate. I didn’t know how to host a conference call or a video conference, or make a web page or a sales page, or how to take payments online or ANY of it!  And then there were the challenges of actually promoting anything. I was so nervous to show myself and my work to the world. I didn’t have faith that my message was going to come across properly. Heck, I didn’t even know what my message was!

After working with Val I feel confident; Confident in my business, confident in my technical abilities, confident in my coaching ability, confident in my spiritual practice, confident in my future, confident in my ability to help others, and confident in my worth as a person and as a coach. I now have a website, I can send out group emails, I can make graphics, I can manage my website and create content, I have overcome my fear of being on social media, I have successfully run a workshop that is changing other peoples’ lives, I have multiple one on one clients and am planning my first retreat! And none of this scares me! I am right on track! All in less than TWO months! Val is a game changer."








"Val is super good at helping you find patterns that are holding you back and upgrading them all the way till you are in your new reality. I love hearing his perspectives and shifting into a higher vibe because of them."





"When I started working with Val, I didn’t have a specific goal or outcome in mind. I just knew that it was time to dig deeper and make some changes. The outcome has been an amazing restoration and renewing of my mind, body and spirit. I feel alive, I feel connected, I feel hope, I feel true joy. I had lost these things and I didn’t even notice. 

A few years ago, I experienced some difficult situations. First my 18-year-old son dove into shallow water which resulted in quadriplegia. As soon as we returned from rehab, I lost a close friendship. It was a sudden, unexplained separation that took a hard toll on me. A couple months later my 17-year-old daughter was diagnosed with WPW and had to undergo a heart ablation. During this year of trials, I miraculously stayed positive, centered and optimistic. But what I realize now, is that I never took the time to heal from these battles. I made it through victorious but still a little beat up. Val has helped me see the value in self-care which has made an enormous impact on my restoration.

If you are hesitant about working with Val, I assure you that his heart, his intentions come from a safe place. This journey is yours, he is here to help you along, to reach your potential. Trust yourself."



Business Owner 


"Working with Val is a game changer! 

He is very compassionate and has the ability to inspire you to not only discover your limitations, but rise above them and step into your highest potential.

Before meeting Val I was very anxious; constantly letting in negativity. He has given me the tools to stay positive during trying times and let my light shine no matter what I'm facing."


Amy Herrold 

Office Manager / Rock-star mom 


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