Make sure to have your journal and pen or pencil ready... We will go directly into a journaling exercise after the meditation!

Now that you've listed the emotions that came up for you during each phase or memory of the meditation, circle the TWO EMOTIONS that showed up the most consistently. 

After identifying and circling the TOP TWO EMOTIONS, ask yourself which emotion is your core emotion. For example: my top two emotions are LOVE and FREEDOM. Here is how I would find my core emotion...

"Do I feel LOVE because I'm FREE? OR Do I feel FREEDOM because I'm LOVED?" 

I feel FREEDOM because I'm LOVED ...therefore LOVE is my CORE EMOTION! 

Next, create your purpose statement:

“My purpose in life is to (insert core emotion) myself and my higher power; and to express the (insert secondary emotion) that follows while I inspire others to feel the same.”  



When we have clarity on our purpose, we have clarity on our action steps and can create a life that is truly aligned with our life's purpose!





I believe in giving credit where credit is due! I was introduced to a form of this meditation at an event with Mastin Kipp at a four day immersive conference that he hosted. His meditation truly inspired me and I knew that I had to share the inspiration with my tribe.  After praying and meditating, this new version of the meditation was given to me to share with you!