My notes on the journey of raising consciousness...

The quest to elevate one's consciousness is a noble endeavor indeed; and the first step in any journey is to determine ones' point of origin. Once the point of origin is established through honest reflection and non-judgmental observation through prayer, meditation, and any other process or practice that you find useful in achieving 'alignment' then the next step would be to determine where it is you wish to arrive. 

Much like typing in a destination in your GPS or google maps, you will perceive different options in the routes in which you may choose to embark to arrive at your desired destination.  Upon choosing the route which resonates with you (the route which seems most enjoyable) you finally set off on your journey to elevating your consciousness. 

Undeniably there will be bumps along the road, construction underway, detours, and possible road closures. Just as the GPS will re-route you when these diversions dictate, the intuition and guiding hands of the Holy Spirit, Universe, Angels, Guides, and God (whichever words you want to use to refer to your internal GPS) will re-route you on your path of consciousness. Your job is to remain open and aware of the gentle suggestions for the re-route and to not rigidly adhere to the pre-supposed route upon the journey's start. 

The following images and tools may help you in identifying your point of origin or where you are now, and thusly may serve as a trail guide on the way to your desired destination. 

To be used for identifying your own personal point of origin and for constant referral as you travel along your journey...


To be used for identifying your business/organization or brand's point of origin and for constant referral as you build your business/organization or brand along your journey...


Next come the tools which will fuel you along your journey.  You will notice that the seven levels of consciousness correspond with the seven main chakras.  As we work on balancing these energy centers in the body through prayer, mantra meditation (link to the sounds of the chakras (album by Deepak Chopra) linked below), and contemplation we can feel our way up the levels. Getting the vibration in the body to match the vibration of our thoughts and intentions is essential for the elevation of consciousness (this is also called manifestation!) 

Bija Mantra Chart (low).jpg

Along with all of this, of course, is the dutiful attention and awareness we must have of our thoughts. The Emotional Guidance Scale as introduced by Abraham-Hicks is a magnificent tool which also corresponds perfectly with the seven levels of consciousness and the seven chakras. Our aim will be to identify our point of origin in the way we feel (emotions) on the guidance scale, and to choose better feeling thoughts, in baby steps, all the way up the levels of consciousness. 

davidpol_1453705285_emotional guidance scale.jpg